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Click the three dots to act on advertising campaigns on your dashboard.

AVAILABLE – These are advertising campaigns that can be accepted by you.  Click “Accept” to accept the offer, or “Reject” to reject the offer.  If you accept the offer, a bumper sticker will be sent to you.  You must act quickly before others accept the offer and you get shut out. 

ACCEPTED – Once you’ve accepted an advertising campaign, and you have received the bumper sticker, place it on your car.  Once you have put the bumper sticker on your car, then click on the three dots to “ACTIVATE” the advertiser payments by taking a picture of the sticker on your car.

ACTIVE – This is when you are earning money!  As long as the campaign is under the total campaign days, it will stay in an ACTIVE status.   Every 15 days you will get paid to your account on file.

COMPLETED – Once the campaign is complete, you will receive an email to remove the bumper sticker, and the offer will move to a completed status.

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Charlotte and Myrtle Beach are open for business!

Other locations across the United States are being opened soon!

If you are interested in driving Charlotte, NC or Myrtle Beach, SC, sign up and make your bumper available for advertisers.

If you want to be notified when another location opens up, get notified.