This page outlines opportunities for drivers to increase their pay by referring advertisers and/or drivers to BUYMYBUMPER who ultimately sign up to advertise or drive for BUYMYBUMPER.

Driver Referral:
Drivers who refer a driver who at the time of registration as a new driver indicates the referring driver in the registration process will be entitled to 3% of the revenue that driver receives in his or her campaigns for the first year.  When the new driver signs up, make sure they put your referral code into the spot where it says:  To receive a $10 signup bonus, put in a referral code.  Alternatively, you may fill this driver referral form out to receive credit.  This must be filled out anytime before a driver signs up, or within 7 days after a driver signs up.  If you would like us to resend your referral code, and a QR code to use when speaking with other drivers, send an email to and we will get that out to you.  You will get $10 and the driver will get $10, paid immediately upon activation of the referred driver’s first bumper sticker ad.

Advertiser Referral: 
Drivers who refer an advertiser who ultimately engages BUYMYBUMPER for a campaign will be entitled to 5% of the profit of the first campaign, after BUYMYBUMPER deductions and expenses.  Fill out this advertiser referral form to receive compensation once the advertiser purchases their campaign.  


Driver Referral Example:
Driver recruits a new driver to BUYMYBUMPER who participates in a $20 net revenue/month campaign for 3 months for a total value of $60. The new driver would get $60 – ($60*.03) = $1.80 per recruited driver in that campaign.  Net revenue is calculated after subtracting out costs of the campaign like printing and shipping.

Advertiser Referral Example:
Driver refers an advertiser to BUYMYBUMPER who purchases a $6000 campaign. The driver’s share of that sale would be approximately (varies by expenses of the campaign): ($6000 – $1200) * .05 = $240.00.

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