Vehicle Repair Fund Sponsor Business Card Program

An advertiser can make a bonus offer in addition to the bumper sticker offer.  The advertiser can request the driver refer their business to their clients.  Advertisers 

How it Works for Drivers

Step 1) Make sure you have the app installed.  Download the app.

Step 2) Login and go to your Dashboard to upload a picture as proof of the referral to your order dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions by Drivers

Why do you have vehicle repair fund sponsor above the business card?

As a freelance driver, you are responsible for your own car maintenance and for unforseen large repairs.  We want your customers to know the reason you are leaving the card is to help offset the costs of using your own vehicle for ridesharing or delivery services. We can’t guarantee some people won’t take offense, but most people realize you are just trying to make a living.

Why do I have to provide proof of delivery?

Advertisers are investing in your ability to be a brand ambassador.  By providing some level of proof that you are doing as promised, the current advertiser and future advertisers will be confident in their investment in you.

I am a rideshare driver, I don't leave anything at the door, how do I provide proof?

If you can’t snap a pic, no problem! When you hand out a card, just click the “Upload Proof” button, and describe the person/company you referred.  You can use text to show the advertiser that you thoughtfully handed out the business card to one of your passengers.

What happens if I know someone is really interested in the advertiser?

Email and let us know about your experience.  We are happy to share that story with the advertiser to make sure they choose you over and over again because of the awesome job you are doing!

Get in Touch

We are here to answer any questions you have.  This is an exciting opportunity to get in the ground floor of what is going to be an amazing platform.  Let us know how you would like to get involved.

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Charlotte and Myrtle Beach are open for business!

Other locations across the United States are being opened soon!

If you are interested in driving Charlotte, NC or Myrtle Beach, SC, sign up and make your bumper available for advertisers.

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