Advertiser and Refund Policy

This Policy is in effect when the ADVERTISER submits an INSERTION ORDER to contract with and authorize BuyMyBumper to perform the following activities and processes:


The INSERTION ORDER will be sent to all available drivers and BuyMyBumper will broker an agreement on behalf of the ADVERTISER for the driver(s) to deliver Advertising Services on behalf of the ADVERTISER.  Once the number of advertising slots the ADVERTISER has ordered are accepted, the ADVERTISER will be notified.   Once a vehicle sticker order has been accepted, the driver will either pick up or get the vehicle sticker shipped to them.  Upon acceptance of the total advertising slots the ADVERTISER has ordered, the ADVERTISER will be notified via email.


Each driver will activate their part of the INSERTION ORDER by taking a picture of the bumper sticker on their vehicle.  Once BuyMyBumper has approved the application of the vehicle sticker, known as the “approval date”, the billing period for the ADVERTISER campaign will begin the next day.  The activations will be tracked on the ADVERTISER DASHBOARD.


Each vehicle sticker will be displayed for the full ordered number of days of the campaign.  The start date and end date of each driver will vary based on the “approval date” for the campaign.  For example, a 30 day campaign may take up to 45 days or more to complete the campaign given the average amount of time for printing, activation and approval processes.


The advertiser will have access to a dashboard to see the progress of each phase of the campaign.  The ADVERTISER will not be able to see the details of the driver, but will be able to track the progress of each process described above.  An advertiser may cancel their campaign based on the provisions described in the PAYMENT SCHEDULE & CANCELLATION POLICY below.


  1. The Advertiser agrees to pay a 15% deposit of the total order due upon receipt of invoice. Upon completion of the ACCEPTANCE PROCESS the balance of the order will be invoiced, due upon receipt of the invoice.  If any payment is not received within 7 business days of invoicing, BUYMYBUMPER reserves the right to cancel the order.
  2. The 15% deposit is non-refundable. If the order is cancelled prior to completion of the ACCEPTANCE PROCESS, the balance of the INSERTION ORDER minus the campaign costs committed which is calculated by total number of drivers past their “approval date” multiplied by the campaign length as indicated in INSERTION ORDER.  Once the ACCEPTANCE PROCESS has been completed, no refunds will be given.
  3. Applicable production and installation fees will be invoiced to Advertiser by BUYMYBUMPER and are due upon receipt of invoice.
  4. If after forty-five (45) days, sums due under this contract are not paid,
    1. BUYMYBUMPER reserves the right to discontinue rights under this agreement.
    2. In the event any legal action is required to collect sums due under this contract ADVERTISER agrees to pay all reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs necessary to affect such collection.

  1. ADVERTISER may have the option of renewing their advertising contract if they have fully met their contract obligations, including timely payment of all advertising (while renewals are not guaranteed, it is the Company’s general intent to give Advertiser the “right of first refusal” on contracted advertising space).
  2. Advertiser shall notify BUYMYBUMPER of their intention to renew by emailing SALES@BUYMYBUMPER.COM. Advertiser’s failure to renew by this date could result in Advertiser’s loss of advertising location.

  1. BUYMYBUMPER will indemnify ADVERTISER against any claim or demand made against BUYMYBUMPER in respect to any driver claims or other claims.
  1.  ARTWORK:

  1. Design:  Specific artwork design in the advertising format is the ADVERTISER’s property following completion of all payments designated in section 5 of this policy.  Individual stickers sent to drivers will be disposed of at the conclusion of a campaign that is not renewed.
  2. Printing: BUYMYBUMPER is responsible for the printing and delivery of the artwork.
  3. BUYMYBUMPER reserves the right to reject any artwork, including copy, not in good taste, or which it deems otherwise objectionable.

  1. This agreement shall be binding upon the personal representatives, heirs, successors, and/or assigns of the parties hereto.
  2. It is expressly understood that BUYMYBUMPER is not bound by any stipulations, representations or agreements not embodied in this contract.

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